About the Artists

Rick Casados was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is a painter and photographer who has exhibited in Santa Fe, New York, London and Connecticut. Rick also has many years of experience as a professional screen printer. Rick has lived in Brooklyn and London and traveled extensively. 

Margo Casados is a native New Yorker who has spent her professional career as a writer, magazine editor, web developer, and in online marketing. Margo’s artwork is primarily illustrative and is inspired by nature. She works in colored pencil, pen & ink, and paints in oil and acrylic. 

Niko Casados is an 11-year-old artist who has been painting since she can remember. Born in London, she lives in Connecticut with her parents and brother. She paints and draws fantasy and landscape art, including dragons, forests, magical settings and creatures.

Rick and Margo run Hillcrest Art Studio in Connecticut, named after their antique home, Hillcrest, where they garden and create art with their two children.

Margo's Latest

Oil Portrait of Niko

Oil portrait of Niko by Margo Casados

Night Poppies

I love poppies and grow hundreds of them in the garden. I’m captivated by the way the stems rise up and away from the swaying leaves and how such thin stems can hold the big, blowsy, vibrant flower heads. The only thing better than a field of colorful poppies, are poppies at night! Prints of this painting are now available in the shop.

Portrait of a beloved pet

I recently finished this graphite & colored pencil drawing of my Aunt & Uncle's sweet dog, Lila, who sadly passed away. Please contact us if you would like to commission a pet portrait.


The world I know

The latest in Rick's "The World I Know" series of landmark establishments, some still here and some long gone, in NYC, Santa Fe, Albuquerque and London

Phoenix Rising

Margo created this oil painting of a Phoenix to raise money as part of an art auction for the 17q12 Foundation, whose tagline is “How We Fly”. The original was sold at auction, but prints are available in the Shop. A portion of the proceeds of Phoenix Rising prints will be donated to the 17q12 Foundation.

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